Well the titlle has all that is for Trade or Sale, Most of this will go to ebay tonight or tomorrow... I may keep the Jag stuff but everything else is gone

I am looking for RARE NES or ATARI games in trades, or complete NES games.

Also these loose or complete titles or inst :

NES: Ninja Gaiden III, Mega Man 4 & 5, Double Dragon III, Adventure Island 2 & 3, Conflict Zone
All the rest I have the box only for and need games and inst or either: Yellow Metroid, Bases Loaded II, Gauntlet, The little Mermaid, Guardian Legend, Werewolf, Tiles of Fate, Vice, Bo Jackson Baseball, Strider, Bucky O'Hare, Wayne Gretzky Hockey, Days of thunder, Exidus Ultima.

SNES: Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Super Black Bass, Mario Kart, and Clay Fighters

I will Also consider any Dreamcast, Game Geat, or Saturn games and a Dreamcast Power Cord

Now for the Stuff I have for Sale/trade!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Atari 5200 Protos.... I will take 75 each right now.

Ones I know are works in Progress I put WIP by them...

Space Dungeon (WIP)
Baseball (WIP)
Pole Postion (WIP)


I have 2 SNES systems available, both look and work great

They have all the needed Cords, one has 2 controllers the other has 1.

Games: Street Fighter, Super Mario World, Monday Night Football, Troy Aikman Football, John Madden Football

NES System:

2 NES systems, both work fine, one Super good

one has RF and one has AV cable and RF

Games: MArio/Duck Hunt (2) one with inst, 1942, Tetris, Top gun 1 w/inst &2, silent service, Rad Racer, Tiger Heli, and a Complete DR. Mario also a zelda box and inst super worn

Sega Gen System

Model one, with all cords, and 1 controller, and a game or 2, I think I have Vector man and sonic

ATARI 5200 System

All cords, 3 controllers 2 work, but you have to push the buttons hard, still useable though.

Games: Space invaders, Super Breakout, Ms Pac Man, Pac Man, Dig Dug, Defender, + more I think (have too look)

And last a Box of crap here is the list, it can be broken up

Old Atari Computer disks (in a blue plastic disk holder), not all are atari, kodak and others... for Atari 800 and crap like that

Misc Wires, and parts, sega controllers, Atari Wirless Remotes, driving paddles all kinds of crap.

An Atari Power Supply looks like a forieghn one, for Eurpoe, tube like prongs, and rectangular unit, says atari on back it is a 9V 400 MA output, 220 50Hz input, and Type FW 3399

Hand Held Games..... Not tested but can be

World Class Pro Golf (Radica)1998
Electronic Baseball (tiger)1988
Mortal Combat Midway (tiger Barcodzz) 1994
Sports Feel Baseball (tiger) 1998 (in the shape of a baseball bat)

That is all my Crap for sale, PM me or Reply here