I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff that has been filling up our storage area recently. If you are interested in anything, please PM me and everything will be first come first serve. If no one claims the stuff, I'll be tossing it in about a week probably.

I can accept payment by PayPal, Money Order or Credit Card. If you want to do either PayPal or Credit Card, I will ask for 5% more than the final price, as they will remove that and I am not making anything on any of this. I just don't want to lose money on it.

If I said shipping is included, I mean US only. If you are somewhere else, no problem but we'll have to figure out the difference. All shipping will be done by parcel post unless you want something different. No delivery confirmation. Packing will be done as cheaply as possible. If you want more protection, we'll have to ask you to pay for it.


SOLD! I have a 2600 "Telegames Center." It is only the lower portion, no cover. I just want to get rid of it. Free, you pay shipping plus $0.50 cents for packaging.

I need to clear some Lynx stuff off the shelves. I have a ton of copies of Chips Challenge, Crystal Mines II, Kung Food, Steel Talons, Super Skweek, Tournament Cyberball and Xybots. For $7.00, I'll send you a copy of each, you pay shipping. If you just want some or multiple copies of some, I'll sell them for $1.50. I have about 15 copies of each that I need to clear off.


SOLD! I have a NES Rock & Roller controller thing. The thing you stood on and rolled around on to make your controller go in different directions. It is in a crummy box and I never checked to see if it worked. Will sell for $5.00, you pay shipping.

SOLD! I have one of the Konami headsets for the NES for use with Laser Invasion. For $5.00, I'll send you the game and the headset. I don't know if the headset functions. You pay shipping.

SOLD! I have an NES storage container thing that is pretty old. It has two drawers. It is not in the best condition on the inside, but it looks okay on the outside. Free, you pay shipping plus $0.50 cents for packaging.

Game Boy Pokemon blue. $10.00, cart only, you pay shipping. Includes plastic game case.

SOLD! Game Boy Track & Field. $1.00, cart only. You pay shipping. No case.

N64 MadCatz controller. It works fine, but the joystick is a little loose. Free, you pay shipping plus $0.50 packing.


SOLD! Master System Brazilian import of Chapolin X Dracula. The case was cut up and put into a different box. The cartridge is in good, but not perfect condition. I paid $20.00, want $15.00 including shipping (US).

I have two Brazilian clone systems (not sure of origin, that is where I bought them from though). I believe they are Sega systems, but I'm not sure. One is a Tennis system and one is a Soccer system. You get something to play the particular game with for each (Tennis system has a racket and the Soccer one has something you put on your leg.) They are new in their box, only opened to make sure they work by me. I paid $40.00 before shipping for both, but make me an offer on them as I want to get rid of them and don't personally have a use.

SOLD! Mega Drive imports: Arrow Flash and Batman. Batman has a horrid label. You get them both for one dollar, you pay shipping.

I have a Game Gear battery pack. I don't know if it has any battery power left in it or if it works. Free, you pay shipping.

Grandia Saturn import. I bought it for $9.98 thinking that it didn't come out for the PSX. It did. It is in great condition and I just want it to go to a good home. Make me an offer. I will sell it for less than $9.98.

Lunar 2 Saturn import. I paid about $20.00 for this a while ago, and it is in very good condition. Again, I just want to get rid of it now. Make me an offer. I will sell it for less than $20.00.

I have a Saturn Action Replay 4M Plus. It is the cartridge only. I didn't use this one. I paid $34.98 for it (sticker still on it) but I'll sell it cheaper. Make me an offer.

Some more import Saturn games. Got these in a trade. They are: House of the Dead, Marvel Super Hereos Vs. Street Fighter and XMen Vs. Street Fighter. They are all working, but in not-perfect condition. HOTD and MSH have cases w/ instructions in okay shape. XMen is loose. Both HOTD and MSH I'm looking for $12.00 on, and XMen is $8.00. Or get all three for $25.00.

I have a broken Dreamcast racing wheel. It is the MadCatz MIC2. I believe the pedals don't work. It was my personal one and I really liked it, but it died after about three uses and MadCatz's warranty sucks. I haven't thown it out because I think it is fixable. If you want it, just pay shipping plus $0.50 for me to pack it. It is in the original box and I'll put brown paper bag around it when I ship it.

I have some Dreamcast VGA Boxes and I don't need them all. They are only for VGA through -- no TV ones. $10.00 shipped to you in the US. I have a limited number of boxes for them too.


SOLD! I have a ton of old PSX cases, some with games, some without. Some longboxes, some shortboxes. A few repeats, but not many. Nothing overly sought after. I would say there are at least 10 games and at least 20 cases. Pay me shipping plus two bucks, and it is yours.

SOLD! I have some old PSX controllers. Probably about five. If you want them and get the PSX stuff above, I'll toss them in for another buck. If not, I will send them all to someone else for $10.00 shipped (US only.)

Playstation RFU switch. $1.00 before shipping.

Action Max

I have three new Action Max games -- Rescue of Pops Ghostly, .38 Ambush Alley and Hydrosub: 2021. I bought them all at $5.00 apiece, will sell for $15.00 including shipping in the US.


A bunch of CD-i games. Someone won these at the Midwest Gaming Classic (Thanks to Good Deal Games ) but didn't have a CD-i to play them with. He traded me them back for a refurbed NES and about 10 games. The games are:

Burn: Cycle
Dragon's Lair II: TimeWarp
Go: Special Edition
Harvest of the Sun
Jazz Guitar
NFL Football Trivia Challenge
Space Ace

All of these are new. I have no idea what they are actually worth or anything like that. I traded for them thinking we would start selling CD-i games, but we decided against that. I would sell the whole lot for $40.00 (half of what we traded for it) or make me an offer for individual ones.


I have a new Game.Com Internet cartridge and a Game.Com power supply, as well as a few instruction manuals. No games. $10.00 shipped to you in the US. I am willing to ship elsewhere, PM me.


I have a copy of Tempest 3000 for the NUON. I would rather not waste time tossing it on eBay. $15.00, it is yours shipped to you. (US)

Buy something worth at least $10.00 and for free...

If you buy anything above (worth $10.00 or more) or spend at least $10.00 at the GOAT Store this week, I'll send along a free new copy of Jaguar CD Blue Lightning. Just ask for it, and it is yours.


SOLD! I have a Pac-Man handheld from Micro Games of America. It is a little one with a little built in joystick. It works well but does not have the battery cover. I paid $40.00 for it. Will sell for $20.00 before shipping.

Misc Gaming Supplies

I have a bunch of Power Strips I don't have any use for. They cost me $5.00 apiece when I bought them. I need to clear their space. I have about 10 that can go, and I will send them along for $3.00 (you pay shipping.)

I have a GE Audio / Video game switch. This one was opened and taped back together. It does not appear to be used though. I use one of these myself. Three inputs. Great quality. $5.00.

Misc Print Material

I have a bunch of copies of Manci Games #1. I will sell them off for one week through here for $3.00, we'll even pay shipping to you in the US. I have about 100. Whatever isn't sold in a week will go up on our site, probably for $5.00 before shipping, so if you want these get them now.

I have a bunch of promo boxes for various new stuff. They are:

NBA ShootOut 2004 (PS2)
Online Pack (PS2)
Xbox System w/ Star Wars / Tetris Worlds
Legacy of Kain (Xbox)
Robin Hood Defender of the Crown (PS2) (two versions)
Drake (PC)
Xbox system
Myst: Uru (PC)
Jak II (PS2)
Warhammer 40000: Fire Warrior (PS2)

All of these are unfolded and are rather large. It will be relatively expensive to ship, or if you are going to the Video Game Summit I'll bring it there.

Arcade Ambience CDs from Good Deal Games. These replicate the sounds of an arcade from 1981 or 1983 (one CD for both.) They will sell for $12.99 before shipping once we get them up. I'll sell them for $12.99 including shipping (US) right now.

AtariTimes year-end compendium for 2003. These will sell for $14.00 before shipping once I get them up. I'll sell them for $14.00 including shipping (US) right now.

Midwest Gaming Classic programs. We have a bunch of these left over. Free, you pay shipping.

Midwest Classic Museum Guides. These were made to give a short history of a ton of different consoles in the Museum. Originally sold for $5.00, we have a limited number left for $1.00 before shipping.

I have three Donkey Kong side art stickers. This is for the arcade game. I paid $15.00 apiece, $12.00 will get you one before shipping.

And just some random stuff…

I have some movies. Free with something else at least $10.00 or more where I can put it in the box with the other stuff (either from here or the Web site.) The movies are:

Mars Attacks
Shaft (newer one)
Best of Raw Vol. 1