I will be moving in a few weeks and do not want to take this stuff with me.

Nothing against the Commodore, but it never really piqued my interest. I have no emotional attachment to it and it is taking up a huge amount of space, so its time to say goodbye and let them move on to another nice home

Local pickup is REQUIRED as this lot is incredibly heavy. (I am south of Detroit, Michigan). I will NOT ship these unless you're willing to pay some ridiculous price (I'm talking $100+ shipping) If you're not willing to pay, don't bother asking, the answer is no

Yes, it is FREE. But you have to come pick it up. If you want to toss a few common games at me as a kind gesture, it would be appreciated

Anyway, here it is

1 Commodore 64 unit. -Don't remember if it works.
2 C64 power supplies. Both work.
1 C2N Datasette unit. Tested and seems working. All of the functions work, I just dont know how to load/record stuff
1 boxed C2N Datasette unit. Tested and seems working. See above.
1 C-1541 floppy drive. Tested working.
1 VIC20-1541 floppy drive with bottom styro. Tested working.
1 6 pin DIN cable (for connecting the floppy drives. Tested working.
1 Standard power cable (for a floppy drive). Tested working.
1 Koala Pad Touch tablet. Complete with cart, box and styro (albeit in poor condition), manual, stylus. and touchtablet. Surface shows 'bubbling' around the edges. Tested and works.
2 Commodore Joysticks. Untested. I don't have games that I know how to use
1 Smith Corona TP-1 printer. Powers on, but I don't know how to test beyond that.
1 Smith Corona printer interface. Untested.
1 I *think* graphic printer interface. It looks like one in the catalog anyway. Untested.
1 "Introduction to BASIC: Part 1" Complete with box, both cassettes, stencil, and guide book. Untested
1 "Technology" Software Pack. Includes large folder and floppy. Tested working.
1 "English II" Software Pack. Includes large folder, registration card, and floppy. Tested working.
9 VIC20 Software Casettes - untested, I don't know how to load them, but they should be compatable
--- Biorhythm Compatibility
--- Blue Meanies from Outer Space
--- Car Chase
--- Maze of Miror (I think it's a copy, hand-written label)
--- Rubix Cube (not official)
--- Slither/Super Slither
--- Space Math
--- VIC 21 Casino Style Blackjack
and a BUNCH of books and manuals!
--- C-64 c-128 The Everything Book (a Commodore catalog)
--- Smith Corona Operator's Manual TP-1 (x2)
--- A Guide To Program the Commodore Computers
--- 35 Amazing Games for your Commodore 64
--- Commodore 64 Basic Quick Reference Guide
--- Elementary Commodore 64
--- Commodore 1541 Disk Drive User's Guide
--- Complete Personal Accountant
--- Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide
--- Instructions for Cardprint Printer Interface for the VIC-20 and C-64 Computers
--- Teach Yourself Computer Programming with the Commodore 64
--- Bank Street's Family Computer Book
--- The Commodore 64 Exerience
--- Commodore 1541C Disk Drive User's Guide
--- Commodore 64C Personal Computer Introductory Guide
--- Commodore 64C Personal Computer System Guide

All overflowing in a sexy Magnavox Personal Computer box!

*EDIT* The monitor is NOT available
One of the systems is NOT available
The touch tablet is NOT available
There are a SMEG load of copied 5 1/4 floppies that are now included, but not pictured

There may be some other things differing from this listing, (some added, some taken away) I'm not sure anymore. The above list sums up the important things. Beggars can't be choosers!

Needless to say, I want this to go to someone who will enjoy it. Don't take advantage of my generosity and resell it for fear of my wrath