The guy lives in italy and wants to pay via transfer. So i give him my info and wait a couple weeks. He then emails me and says the payment didnt go through because I gave him the wrong info.

So I check everything and it was correct, and I call my bank to make sure I have everything right. They said because he is over seas he has to do a wire transfer not a bank transfer, and they give me a few extra numbers he needs.

So I send him the info and he says he went to do the transfer, June 28. Thats almost 3 weeks and i should have gone through by now. Friday is my last day to file a NPB and its a $300 sale so I cant afford to lose the $.

He offered to send me copies of the reciepts, just to prove he has tried. But it has been almost 45 days, and I still dont have payment. I hate to seem like a prick. Should I file a npb, or wait and hope?