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Thread: wanting a pc will trade are buy!

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    Default wanting a pc will trade are buy!

    hey all im looking for a pc with a athlon xp 2ghz are more i will buy for $410 shipt are will trade i will trade a jag in box 2 games a gameboy sp gold+mario3
    in box a goldstar 3do 2 controlers 2 games a sega gen 1 controler all hookups
    a nes 2games all hookups 2 controlers and a ps2 all hookups 2 controlers 2 memory wanting a nice pc and os!thanks

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    Not to sound like a jerk or anything but you may have a better chance selling that stuff on eBay to get the money to buy a computer than finding someone who'll trade a still perfectly good Athlon XP 2000+ machine. I suggest checking out and look into barebone systems or perhaps and building one yourself. One thing you are going to get hosed on is the OS, though-Windows XP home from most major sources costs anywhere from $80 to $100.

    Good luck.

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