I figured I'd try here before I go and list them on eBay. I'd prefer to sell them in one lot, so the price will be better the more you buy. The tapes up for sale are:

Donkey Kong Country - Exposed
Diddy Kong Racing - A Wild Racing Adventure!
Hot Newz 64 - Nsider's Guide to N64

The tapes are in great condition, and each has its box (with some wear, but nothing especially bad). I'm asking:

$3 for 1
$5 for 2
$7 for all 3

The shipping will obviously vary depending on how many you get, but it'll be a better value if you buy more.

I accept PayPal (but no credit/debit card payments), money orders, cashier's checks, and well-concealed cash.

And finally... I will gladly trade for the EB Star Ocean: Till the End of Time poster, hehe. :P (The one with Fayt and Sophia, not the GameStop one with the picture from the cover of the game.)