Complete with case manual and disk, PM me if interested!

"Soul Hackers is the first Playstation release of a game in the Megami Tensei series of RPGs (barring Persona, which was an offshoot of the series). An "occult" themed cyberpunk series of games, where you can summon demons, cast black magic, etc

It is set in future in the city of Amami, a "model city" in Japan. The entire city has been computerized and networked, and automated. You are a member of the "Spookies," a group of six hackers, and the game opens with you and your friend and fellow Spooky, Hitomi, hacking Algon Soft's servers at a public terminal after the end of the lottery. You delete a winner's name and put yours in his place so that you can become a beta tester. When you log into Paradigm X though, strange things happen...someone tries to steal your soul, but you are saved by a mysterious user, Redman, who transports your soul into someone else in the past, (called a Vision Quest) The world is divided into different areas of Amami City. From each area you can gain access to stores, towns, or dungeons that are superbly designed.

The Battles are in the standard 1st-person perspective. But in this game you and the demons you fight have front and back lines in their formation. Weapons that you can equip vary in their attributes; some attack a single enemy, some attack a row of enemies, some target a single enemy and "spread out" to adjoining enemies, some will penetrate enemies and hit demons behind them. Each of your characters can equip both a hand-to-hand weapon and a gun. Unlike other Megatens though, when you equip bullets they are in limited quantity, so you have to make sure that you do not run out of ammunition.

Replayability is great in Soul Hackers. In addition to a bonus dungeon, there's a secret you can find that will allow you to play through the game a second time. Playing the game through again on this mode gives you access to mini-games and other things you couldn't do before. (in addition to changing the rules of the game a bit) and you can even alter the outcome of the game a bit as well...."

Supports the pocketstation as well!!