PM me offers.

I want the 10 US Saturn titles I have listed at the bottom of this post, and would like them complete and in at least good shape. I am willing to buy or trade.


-Megaman 8 (US Saturn, PRISTINE, complete)

-Sonic 3D Blast (US Saturn, complete but case in bad shape)

-Earthworm Jim 2 (US Saturn, disc only)

-CrimeWave (US Saturn, disc only)

-NBA Action (US Saturn, disc only)

-World Series Baseball II (US Saturn, disc only)

-Virtua Cop 2 (US Saturn, disc only)

-Virtua Fighter 2 (US Saturn, disc only)

-DecAthlete (US Saturn, complete, very good)

-Myst (US Saturn, complete, good)

-NFL '97 (US Saturn, complete, good)

-Fighters Megamix (JP Saturn, complete, mint)

-Revolution X (JP Saturn, complete, mint)

-Daytona USA CCE (JP Saturn, complete, good)

-Tech Romancer (US Dreamcast, disc only)


-3 Dirty Dwarves
-Ultimate Mortal Kombat III
-Street Fighter Alpha (the original)
-Hardcore 4X4
-Johnny Bazookatone
-The Horde
-Panzer Dragoon (the original)
-Bust-A-Move 3
-Sega Touring Car Championship

Thanks for looking.