i jsut recently contacted a guy on craiglist about a copy of waverace for the cube for $8 , and he emialed me back and asked if i knew anyone who was interesd in some jap ps2 games, he said he had 10-12 and he would give me them all for 40$ so i said sure i'd look at them and met him

he had a bag with all in nice shap games:
wave race- us for gc,
metal gear solid 2 trailer dvd-jap
metal gear solid 2 mega hits collection
gran turismo 3
gran turismo concept 2002 tokyo geneva,
final fantasy X
devil may cry
dynasty warriors 2
dynasty warriors 2 mix joy thingy
batlle robots impact (i bealive its called that)
and some wierd jap pc game

so as just something neat to add to my shelf i agreed and picked it all up for 48$, im happy either way i was just wondering if anyone had an opinion on wether or not i got a good deal