Soon im going to post a big thread with all my wants and sales but in the meantime someone must want this. Its a mint, PAL, sealed copy of Soul Calibur for Dremacast.


Theres a lot of stuff im looking for but at the moment, I really would like Guardian Heroes Advance, a Fable Strategy Guide, an Official 1019 GC memory card and GC and GBA Japanese Imports.

Oh yeah, heres a few other special things FS/FT before i do my big list in the next couple of weeks..

Shenmue II PAL Dreamcast.
A Boxed Japanese Game Gear.
Famciom 52 in 1 game.
Les Schtroumpmfs (Smurfs) Pal SMS
Flintstones Pal SMS
Phantasy Star Pal SMS
Zaxxon 3D Pal SMS
Space Harrier 3D Pal SMS
Missile Defense 3D Pal SMS

Much, Much more to be posted in the next couple fo weeks..

DLR, Jerkov and SS.. Sorry i've been really busy recently, i will PM you very soon..

Im open to ANY offers, and i have a paypal account..