hello to all (i looked your forum for a long time, it gives ideas and you're from the rare too, to talk about Laseractive ,

it seems i'm not the only one to have got a laseractive totally destroyed, mine seemed ok, the seller just said that the tray wasnt working, i tried testing the unit (i live in europe), so i got a 220v-110v converter, it started to smell bad, then explosions appeared on the power output !!

shame, i noticed too late that the motherboard of voltage was destroyed in an angle, so i figure it's because of that and certainly the shipping or the selled lied to me and didnt test it according to something he knew..

perhaps it's worse but i dont know.

so i'm seekings informations, confirmations about the laseractive, did someone had similar problem ? saved it ? what kind of other power output could be implanted to save it ?

if someone hasn't destroyed a malfunction unit of throwed it, could he sell me the power output 125w ?? perhaps that could save the laseractive, my heart gone really bad since this "explosion", lose about 250$ on few secondes hurts x_x