I have an Atari Jr. with all the hookups, 1 official joystick(you can also use sega genesis controlers with it), and 3 games. I'm new here but i have tons of refs on another forum. Just e-mail me: boredskater2000@yahoo.com For those that don't know what an Atari Jr. is; its a remodeled Atari that's smaller than the original but it takes the same controllers and the same games. You can play regular Atari games or Atari 2600 games on it. I have fully cleaned it and tested it and it works great. I'm only including 3 games with it but you can find the games everywhere for pretty cheap. The games are, "the Empire Strikes Back", "Missile Command", and "Spider Fighter". This would be a great system for anyone as there are tons of games that were made for it and theyr'e not that hard to find. I would like to just trade this for other video game stuff. I would really like a PSX if anyone would trade me one. Thanks to all, Jon