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Thread: Game Boy Color Backup Device???

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    Default Game Boy Color Backup Device???

    I found a device in a store today that I didn't buy because I don't know what it is. I may go back and get it based on any advice here. It is a Touch Boy (horrible name I must say) Game Boy Color device with a separate gamecard. Both are new and boxed. From searching on the internet I believe this is a back-up device which makes sense because it has a cable for the computer, a floppy disc, and then the cable connects to the gamecard if bought. What exactly is this and how much would it be worth? I could buy both for $20. I have a GBC and like the games but I may also end up selling it like I do some stuff after I have figured it out and tested it, but I want to know more about it. Thanks for the help. They also have a GBC am/fm radio.

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    Default f

    Even Rob Webb's page doesn't mention anything on it:

    Odd device....very rare for a copier I would imagine. You can get it complete? Sweet man, definitely do it.

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