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Thread: A/V switches

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    Default A/V switches

    I know this has probably been discussed a miliion times by now, but I need a little help. I'm looking for a good quality A/V switch that I can hook up my Inty, Colecovision, 2600, Saturn, 3DO and DC. My gaming TV had 2 AV inputs (1 with S-video). Right now I have one of those Pelican 5-in-1 A/V switches. Everything is hooked into the Pelican except the DC, which is connected directly to the TV via S-video. I have good quality RCA to F connector cables for the Inty, 2600, and Colecovision. The problem is that the picture quality just isn't there. TV especially looks bad, grainy with lots of lines.

    What do you guys use for multiple systems?


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    2x 6 ports switch box to handle NES, SNES, N64, GC, PSX, Genesis + 32X, Saturn, DC, DVD, and TG-16 and will add Atari 2600 after I do the AV mod. That'd leave one free but what? Not PS2, no interesting PS2 game yet beside I'd remove PSX for PS2. Not XBox, no room for the monster system. Maybe AV mod for CV or Inty?

    Atari 5200 with the wierdass switchbox is directly connected to cable/antenna input and then a 5 port RF switch box to handle Inty, CV, SMS (for some reason there's no sound if I use AV port :P so I'm using RF) and O^2 with RCA cable swapped in. Antenna line goes to the last port.

    The VCR is in line with the AV from the switch box that does not have DVD in (don't want to tip anyone my DVD player doesn't have Macrovision and can record *any* DVD onto VHS :wink: )

    Yes I do have too many wires and a total of 5 power strips to handle the entire setup. In fact if a lightening strike happens, I'd have an instant lawn decoration. :lol:

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