A while back someone posted about beating his Piston Hurricane time. Quite a few people thought that would make a good contest for this board, so I'm taking the initiative.

RULES: Post your best Super Punch-Out time records. For all 16 opponents.

PRIZE: Um...the respect of all Super Punch-Out players at this board?

My times (a.k.a. the culmination of about a year of constant playing)
Gabby Jay 7.07
Bear Hugger 17.86
Piston Hurricane 8.94
Bald Bull 10.43
Bob Charlie 9.41
Dragon Chan 13.50
Masked Muscle 15.65
Mr. Sandman 17.15
Aran Ryan 19.82
Heike Kagero 14.50
Mad Clown 19.88
Super Macho Man 21.58
Narcis Prince 13.37
Hoy Quarlow 24.01
Rick Bruiser 17.65
Nick Bruiser 15.41