When I bought my Atari Jaguar (PAL Version) back in the day, I got a free game with it - The game was Cybermorph (As you'd expect) but th game on the cart wasn't actually Cybermorph...

Afre much research, I found out the game was indeed Mutant League Football, and not Cybermorph as it was supposed to have been.

Sorry, I meant Brutal Sports Football here!

The cart label says Cybermorph, as does all the console packaging.

Would this particular cart be worth anything to anyone? Is it rarer?

It is the cart that came inside the console box, but back in the day. I was't conscient to sealed products Etc, so wouldn't have been too hard for someone to switch the cart with the real one...

I'm not moaning though - Mutant Leage Football is a way better game than Cybermorph, but I feel a little cheated that it's not what the label says!

Sorry, I meant Brutal Sports Football here again! D'oh!