After kicking this around more and more lately, we (that being myself and bigdaddychester) decided that it's something that we would like to try and put together, given that there would be enough interest to do this - enough interest even being something like 5-10 people. Obviously, the more the better, but we're not planning on anything huge, and we'd be happy to host a small, 10-person "game night" type of gathering.


- Wouldn't be anything formal - that is to say that we do not intend for this to be a gaming "expo", but more along the lines of an informal "game night/swap meet". Think NJ Classic if you will.

- Would probably take place in or around Milton, WV - about 5 minutes off Interstate 64, just east of Huntington, WV. Around 3 hours from Columbus, OH, depending on who's driving. Not too far from where West Virginia meets Ohio and Kentucky. We're considering several locations, but none are more than 10 minutes off the Interstate.

- Obviously, everyone from any state would be welcome, but we thought it would be nice to cater something towards the Tri-State region. Not a lot going on around here otherwise.

- We're looking at something like a rec center (or even a smaller conference room of some kind, again depending on interest). Neither of us have huge homes, and I promise you that nobody would ever find my house out in the sticks anyway. Basically, just aiming for somewhere that has enough room for all to spread out their tradebait and still have plenty of space for gaming and whatnot.

- Start time around 12 or 1:00. Not so early that you'd have to get up and leave at 5:00 a.m., but not too late either so people could take off at 9 or 10:00 and still make it home at a reasonable hour if they wanted. There are also plenty of nice places to stay in the area as well. I'd put everyone up here for free if I could, but I just don't have the space.

Anyway, these are just some preliminary thoughts - we're always open to suggestions, and again, we're just trying to gauge some interest on this - one of my gaming New Year's Resolutions was to try my best to organize a meet in this area, if only a 10 person meet.

So if you're even remotely interested, post and let us know! Thanks!