Digging through my old boxed up gaming stuff, I came across a Greg Norman: Golf Power almost complete NES game. It has everything:

Product Registration Card
"Before you use your NES: flier
Subsribe to Nintendo Power or Die - flier
Poster "Super Action, Super Stragtegy, Super Graphics!"
Black NES sleeve

Only thing missing is the styrofoam block (I assume all games come with one?).

Everything is in extremely nice shape. The poster has a slight bend that looks like it might have come that way when packaged but who knows. The game looks like its never been played! The connector sparkles, the label shines, everything is in the nicest shape I've seen a non-factory sealed NES game in. The box is the worst shape and the only real damage it has it from being opened and it has the normal wear around where you open the box.

I know the game isn't worth a whole lot, but its decently uncommon and in great shape, so I'm just looking for reasonable offers to send it to a nice loving home.