Hi, I'm Richard, I just turned 24, and I've been collecting console games for several months now. I live in TN in the great city of Nashville, and I heard about Digital Press through a real life friend of mine that uses the forums. I have been using the online rarity guide that is hosted here as a sort of buying guide for my collection so far. I completely forgot there was a forum in here and just decided to go ahead and sign up!

My favorite games are Fighting games, Platformers, and First-Person Shooters. I'm into Super Street Fighter 4 and Modern Warfare 2, but I still have that soft spot for older games like Frogger, Adventure Island, Crusader of Centy; basically anything fun. I'm mainly a Sega collector, but I'll collect anything video game related. I own 16 game systems and around 700 games for them total, with my Genesis collection itself clocking in at 301 CIB games for the system by itself. I just recently got into arcade machines in a big way, kind of expanding the collection out to include the stand up machines.

Great to be here, and nice to meet you guys.