Hi, I'm Roger, AKA: Rogmeister...I'm one of those guys who's basically been into gaming since Pong though I did have a gap of about 5 years or so where I didn't play any games so I went from Atari 7800 to the Super Nintendo completely bypassing the whole NES period...of course, I would later get those retroactively.

I live in West Virginia...have my entire life...and I work in a steel mill. I found out about the Digital Press publication probably through a plug in one of the slick gaming mags back when they used to plug those kinds of independent efforts. That eventually led me to the DP website and I found out about this board there.

As far as games go, I like mostly platform and action/adventure games going from the original Pitfall games to today's Spider-Man games. I don't care too much for most sports games except baseball...I've probably owned 50 different baseball games at different times.

I don't collect as much as I used to...I did have a recent spurt of Dreamcast game purchasing but I see myself buying mainly for my GameCube now and only getting games for the older systems as I come across them which isn't too often these days. My systems include Atari 2600, 5200, Lynx & Jaguar (I no longer have my 7800), Sega Dreamcast, Saturn & Genesis, Playstation (just the first), TurboGrafx-16 (if you count having one game for a system HAVING a system), ColecoVision and most of the Nintendo systems except for Virtual Boy and Game Boy Advance.

My other hobbies include movies, photography, reading and being controlled by my two cats.