I know a lot of people go crazy over label variations for Atari 2600 carts. Many of you may have seen the "Giant List of Atari 2600 Label Variations" that has been circulating around the net for years. I have to say that it doesn't interest me that much.

Not surprisingly, no one has compiled a "Giant List of VIC-20 Label Variations" and perhaps for that reason I am intrigued by some of the different labels I see in my VIC-20 collecting.

Most people who know anything about the VIC-20 know about Commodore's 2 biggest label styles: the metal label and the beige/brown label. Many of them were also released with a plain metal label and a sticker denoting the name of the game. Sometimes it just says the name but other times it is a bit more elaborate, such as this Gorf cart:

I also recently discovered that I have 2 variations of Spider City:

Were other Sirius carts released in the black Commodore case with the full label? All 5 of mine have the white case (except for my extra Spider City obviously).