Minimum order of $10 please! I will ship worldwide!
Prices are based on DP's rarity guide, adjusted for conditition. Shipping not included.
I am mainly looking for cash for these, but I will entertain trade offers. My want list is at
Please use PM's for contacting me! Thanks!

Incomplete Games:
Bump N Jump (with manual, 1 insert) $6
Mousetrap (cart only) $5
Sea Battle (with box, and inserts) $3
Snafu (with manual) $2
Venture (with manual) $8
Xaxxon (manual only) $1

Complete games:
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons $6
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Treasures of Tarmin $10
Armor Battle $4
Astrosmash $4
Atlantis $6
Bomb Squad $8
Burgertime (yellow label) $5
Carnival $8
Donkey Kong $7
Donkey Kong $7
Dragonfire $7
Frogger (hole punched in manual) $6
Frog Bog $6
Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack $2
Lock and Chase $5
Masters of the Universe (black box version, no comic) $10
Microsurgeon (box has some wear) $7
Mission X (box has wear) $8
Night Stalker $4
Sewer Sam (box has some tape on it, hole punched in manual) $18
Shark Shark (box squashed a bit) $10
Space Armada $4
Spacehawk $4
Star Strike $4
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (small tape damage on bottom of box) $15
Tron Deadly Disks $5
Tron Maze-a-Tron $7
US Ski Team Skiing $4
Utopia $5

Sealed Games:
Bomb Squad (minty!) $15
Mr. Basic Meets Mr. Bits and Bytes (Minty!) $offers
NFL Football (minty!) $10
Night Stalker $10
Snafu $10
Star Strike $10
Utopia (shrink torn on front) $10

Also have 2 systems in good condition:
Intellivision 1 with all hookups $20
Intellivision 2 (no power supply) $15