Hey guys. I am looking to sell a few games

Genghis Khan 2 for the SNES cart only $10
Paladin's Quest for SNES cart only $10
Populous for Genesis cart only $5
Haunting for Genesis cart only $5
Paperboy for Genesis cart only $5
Actraiser w/ box for SNES $7
Silent Bomber complete and mint for PS1 $20
Return Fire complete was rental Long box $15
Front Mission 3 complete was rental $15
Guilty Gear for ps1 disc only $10
Legend of Dragoon Original not GH complete and mint $10
Vandal Hearts complete, disc has some light scratches but plays fine $10
3d Lemmings Long box no book $7

Lord of the Rings 3RD Age for Xbox complete and mint $27
Knights of the Old Republic 2 Sith Lords complete and mint $27

Dragon Warrior IV complete. Box and book are mint. Maps show a little bit
of wear. $60

Shipping is extra

I can send you scans of anything you might want.