I'm tired of pre-ordering stuff that I know full well are 'niche' games and then having to suffer delay after delay after DELAY to get the games released over here in the States. And no shock most of them are for the PS2. Damn Sony and their stupid 2D policy.

One reason I pre-order 'B' list games -- not the super popular and common stuff like Madden or Final Fantasy -- is to make sure I can get my hands on a copy when it comes out. Also, I find these gets delayed so much, I like not worrying about them until I get a phone call.

My luck is running damn thin on some of the titles I've been looking forward to for a long time, though.

First we had the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the GBA delayed several times and now it does'nt even have a release date.

Then we've had Wild Arms: Alter Code F delayed four times at least. What the hell is taking a simple TRANSLATION so long?

And now I find out today that Phantasy Star Triliogy has been delayed a forth time as well, pushed back from today to May 1st!

If any of these games actually see the light of day in the States, I'll be shocked.

And these are all games I paid off back in October before I ran into my curent fiancial problems......

I guess the only thing I'll be getting this month is the XBox version of Mega Man Anniversary Collection on 3/16 -- something else allready paid off.