I have a model 1 SMS which appears to be region free. I bought it within months of the system's U.S. launch. I have played several SMS games that I bought on eBay from Australia and England. All play perfectly except those that require the 3D glasses or the light gun. Does anyone here know of a way around this?

I realize that Australia and England both use PAL, which has some major differences to our (and Japan's) NTSC system. PAL has more lines of resolution, but fewer frames (or fields) per second. 25 per second, as opposed to NTSC's 30 per second. Is there some sort of pass-thru adapter that I could buy to correct this problem?

While I'm on this subject, I have noticed on several SMS fan sites that SMS games were published in England as recently as 1997! Also, the SMS model 3 is still being manufactured and sold in Brazil. Anyone here play any of these games? Do the Brazil games offer an English language option?

Anyone replying to my rather lengthy ramble deserves a special seat in the gaming section of heaven! I think there must be a gaming section in Hell too, but this is most probably reserved for the programmmers of drek like ALF (for the SMS), CHECKED FLAG (Jaguar), GILLIGAN'S ISLAND (NES), or for those who burn homebrew ROMS onto RARE carts. There are plenty of commons to go around!

Mark S. Hinds

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