I am saving up to get a Sony PSP, so it is time to get rid of these.

A few years ago my grandparents closed down their business, and they told me anything I wanted in the store was mine, so I found these bins here and said, damn they look perfect for storing games in, so I brought them all back home and found they were perfect for storing NES games. They can also fit Playstation/Dreamcast and any other cd based cases as well as genesis carts, I am sure they fit others systems which I do not own, but you can guess what games they will fit based on pictures.

Here is a link to 4 pictures I have: http://photobucket.com/albums/v633/PDorr3/digitpress/

As you can see each container can fit 23-24 loose nes games, I have not yet tested how many games it can fit from others systems, but I will test upon request. Each one is made of a hard plastic and has hinges on the shorter end for you to hang on the wall with proper hardware. They are all perfectly stackable, and as you see they make use of being able to file through the games. Its really nice how perfectly the games fit, it is as if they are stuffed in there as each side has approx. 1/2 an inch of free space with the games in there.

I have alot of these, not pictured, some have stickers on them that are removeable. I would prefer you buy them in lots only of 3 or more.

Every 3 you buy is $7, so if you want 6 of them its $14,

I am not sure on shipping on these, it all depends on how many you buy and how big the box has to be as long as location.

They look great to display games, lined up or whatever, have fun with them and experiment with what you can do with them. PM me if you are interested in these, thanks!