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NOTE: This entire story is a complete work of fiction. Any similarities to any organizations and persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.

Based on the
Sony Computer Entertainment America Video Game Series

''Syphon Filter™''

Original Story, Scenario and Original Characters-''Heinrich Rhoemer'', ''Timothy Fielding'' & ''Nikasio Teiderman''
© Copyright 2002-2004 J. Baxter

Syphon Filter™
© Copyright 1999-2004
Sony Computer Entertainment America


================================================== ===========
Chapter 1: SS. Seaside Night
================================================== ===========

LOCATION ------------------------------
New York Shipyard Docks,
New York City
United States of America

DATE ------------------------
October 3rd, 2003

TIME ------------------------
Approx. 2300 HRS

================================================== ===========

Special Agent Teiderman was feeling a bit more confident than usual. It wasn't exactly everyday that Teiderman had an opportunity of this magnitude to negate the effects of information released to the media regarding the Syphon Filter Virus. Then again, it was Teiderman's job to do just that. As the Director of Public Relations for the NSA, Special Agent / PR Director Nikasio Teiderman was good at his job.... He had to be.

Teiderman was always thinking about how to advance his career with the NSA. Being a man without a conscience, Teiderman had fabricated & blackmailed his way to become PR Director in just five short years. He had gotten so good at lying that even he would sometimes truly believe his acts of deception.

The top NSA Directors eventually discovered that Teiderman had been responsible for certain U.S. Government Officials to resign from their positions, so they had made their decision to promote Teiderman to Public Relations Director not out fear of being ousted, but because it would be in their best interests to do so.

They figured that since Teiderman was already a good liar, it was only natural that they put him into a position where he'd be of some use and not some sniveling, conniving and scheming agent trying to weasel his way to the top.

Tonight, Teiderman's mind was on the ship that was to arrive in about 20 minutes. The "SS Seaside Night" was holding an important cargo shipment for the NSA; a certain 'chemical stimulant' as Teiderman had been told by his superiors. Teiderman knew better though. He knew that it was more than a simple little chemical. He knew that it had the ability to wipe out the entire world if it ever fell into the wrong hands. Unfortunately for the NSA, they had no idea that Teiderman would have been so bold to have planned anything to steal the shipment. Since they thought that they had control over him, they never even saw that Teiderman was playing the NSA right into his hands. Teiderman was that good.

Dressed in a dark gray colored suit with a white shirt and matching black tie, Special Agent Teiderman paced around the staging area of Dock #72, thinking to himself what he was going to do with his untold riches once the shipment was in his private employer's hands.

A tall and slim figured man, Teiderman was not exactly a threat when it came to combat. He had never seen any combat even before when he had started out as a rookie NSA Agent. Although he's already had his training, he's not exactly adept as he should be. He also relies too much on the weaponry and technology given to him by the NSA. He figures that he'll always be safe if he's got the latest and most powerful weaponry and gear.

Teiderman's thoughts are again focused on the task at hand once he catches sight of the SS Seaside Night's spotlights. He then reaches into his jacket pocket and produces a flare pistol. Teiderman points the flare pistol into the air at a 90-degree angle and fires a flare into the night sky. A brilliant flash of bright yellow shoots up into the sky and explodes to engulf the entire area with a bright yellow colored light for exactly 2 seconds.

From the SS Seaside Night's bridge, the ship's Captain orders his crew to turn on all of the vessel's deck & hull lights.

As the ship's lights illuminate the dark colored ocean water, the ship's captain notifies his crew over the PA system, ''Alright gentleman. We'll be touching down at Dock 72 in five minutes. Everyone proceed to their stations and prepare to offload all cargo. Remember to take extra care when offloading the cargo. Any damage to the shipment and our employer won't be pleased, so be careful. Your lives may depend on it.''

Back at Dock 72, Teiderman watches as the ship's lights turn on and flood the ocean water with a brilliant white colored light, making the water turn into a sickly, olive green color. (continued in next post)