I was going through some old stuff at my mother's house recently and found a small box of games for the 2600. I quite honestly don't collect for or play my 2600 anymore, so I thought the only rare-ish one in the bunch might want a better home.

It's a Quest for Quintana Roo, the Sunrise version, which is listed as an R6 in the guide. I have some other commons that are likely of little interest (Sorcerer, Racquetball, Pac Man, etc.) I don't have any pix of the game as I don't have it in front of me, but I can take a pic next time I am there. Basically the box was sitting in a closet at my mother's house, and has been in my posession since I was given the games new as a kid.

I mostly collect/play SNES/ Saturn/ PS1/ PS2/ Dreamcast/ GC/ GBA now, or I can just sell it. PM me if you are interested!