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Thread: What is your most RECENT import? Post often!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koa Zo View Post
    Though it doesn't compare to flea markets and garage sales, I still enjoy browsing eBay for unfamiliar potentially interesting games at reasonable prices. Japanese Playstation is still pretty good for this. Shipping costs have made a big impact but I pick up games I've never seen before (after doing some research on the title) for <$20 every so often, and I've yet to buy a complete dud.
    That's not to say there aren't tons of games I'd not seen before but then researched the title or the developer's pedigree then taken a pass on.
    Most recently I took a notice to Bomb Boat... there's hardly any info about it online. I'm hopeful it will be a fun PacMan derivative. Except that one wasn't "cheap". There are new copies on Amazon US (searching the Japanese title) for like $30-40, but that seems a bit steep for a "Super Lite" bargain game - it's the kind of game I'd expect to find used copies of for <$10. I can guess it was a late release and had limited print run. Anyhow.. still lots of interesting stuff to stumble upon out there.
    Oh, yeah. PS1 still has a lot of interesting uncharted territory to dig through, where about all there is is a catalog number and maybe a Japanese YouTube clip of an opening movie. I've dug on that a bunch these last couple of years.

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    I've never bought anything off eBay myself. For me it was always the thrill of the hunt, I'd go out on my day off and come home with a couple of bags of games and various weirdness. I've done things like leave early on a Saturday and spend 12 hours driving across east Texas, hitting every thrift, flea market, or game store in every town. But people have become aware of how much fun those retro games are, and nobody's donating old stuff like they used to. The experience of searching for games was so much fun for me years ago, now there's nothing to find. Sure, I can look on eBay but it's just not the same thrill.

    I have bought games online in the past. When Rakuten started selling internationally I did have fun buying a bunch of PC-Engine games without knowing what on Earth I was buying because of the language barrier. I bought a bunch of random cheap games and a few more interesting looking costly ones. By the time I was ready to buy more, Rakuten was essentially stripped bare of PC-Engine stuff and most retro games. Now you search for "old video games" there and you only find T-shirts and PS4 games. I kind of feel like my hobby has been taken away from me.

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