Check out my auctions for various boxed 2600 games

I am an old school collector who has been out of the hobby for a while. I used to be very active back in the early-mid '90's on #RGVC. You know what I mean..can't drive anywhere without hitting the thrift stores on the way. Once you get there you are able to walk in and with just a glance at the shelf know whether anyone else has been there or new stuff has been added. "My name is Pam and I was a collecting addict." You can Google my old email on Google groups to verify my identity

I have recently dusted off my collection and am going to be selling it all. I am trying to catalog as I go since I have multiple systems and lots of boxes of hardware, games, etc. As an example of what to expect, I have just started with the 2600 games and have counted almost 1000 games, 475 being unique titles.

Please check out my auctions and keep an eye out as I continue to list new items. I think there will be great deals to be found.

I have current lists online at so feel free to take a gander at what I've unearthed thus far. If you see something you don't want to wait or fight for feel free to make me an offer!

Thanks for looking!