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Thread: What are the best PAL exclusives ever?

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    Jinx(PS1)- Simple, fun platformer from Hammerhead. Looks like it uses the Spyro engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripletopper View Post
    I have a US version of Mario Bros. When the NES was in limited release not in Cleveland yet. I got it in Columbus or Cincinnatti in 1985.
    Mario Bros. Classic Series is a different port than the international release (including Europe, yes they got both versions). It was also made a decade later. The big change (to me) is that it changes the jump physics to match the SMB games (so Mario can turn in midair. Purists will moan but I think it improves the playability.) It also adds the cutscenes from the arcade version and redraws some of the enemies.

    As mentioned, that list does not count the PAL version of Rainbow Islands, which is a separate and arguably better port than the NTSC (JP/US) versions.

    It's also missing Temco World Cup Soccer, which is NOT the same game as Tecmo Cup Soccer Game. The former is a generic soccer game that skipped America, while the latter is a de-licensed Captain Tsubasa game.

    Could've sworn I found a couple other PAL-only obscurities.

    Although the Japanese and PAL versions of Dragon's Lair were changed to remove the lag to improve the playability (though most people would still hate it because it still is based on memorizing the timing of everything... kinda like the game it was based on...? ), but not enough to count as an "exclusive".

    "Lufia" (2) was mentioned previously. Likewise, it is not an exclusive, even though I would recommend it as it fixes a couple serious bugs with the US version.
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