I've got a small lot of stuff that i've acculmulated as I'm in my final hunt to complete this system. So its time to sell off some of my doubles so I can get the last few games. I can send you pics directly as my webservice is currently down, but you can have pics if needed.

I'm looking to get PayPal(either CC or direct transfer) for items purchased. I will ship to Canada and shipping method is YOUR choosing. If one isnt chosen I will ship USPS Priority with tracking and you will pay the exact shipping (minus tracking which i will cover).

Here's what I've got

NGPC Systems Both are loose with just the system

Metallic Blue (Shows some wear) $10 ON HOLD
Charcoal (looks brand new) $15 SOLD


Baseball Stars Color (game only no clam shell) $5 SOLD
Sonic Pocket Adventures (Game/Clamshell only) $5 ON HOLD
SNK Vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium (Game/Clamshell only) $5 ON HOLD
Metal Slug: First Mission (Boxed, Complete) $20
Dive Alert: Becky's Version (Boxed, Complete, lower portion has some lite crushage and a small rip where the tab goes into it) $13 SOLD