Ok, Couple wants/sales. Paypal only....buying/selling/trading. I don't do MO

X100p digium clone cards - $15 ea(x2)

These cards are used in conjunction with asterisk, the open-source, linux-based PBX. I bought them for testing and decided to go about my testing another way since it will only be testing. Price includes shipping. These are the clones, not the original Digiums...which are no longer made.


Cisco Catalyst switch - don't really care much. Looking for a 24 port, preferably 10/100 but 10 would be OK as well.

Rack - somewhat local to northwest ohio, I don't really want to pay to have something like this shipped. Short racks would be ok as well.....it needs to hold the switch and two servers.

Memory - PC100 and PC133....not looking to empty my wallet here, whatever you've got.(no 16m sticks though..sorry)