I had two HP all-in-one printers that used this ink. The first was fried in a lightning storm. The second one just stopped working. I loved the printer, but I just didn't want to try a third time...

But I have a ton of ink now on my hands with nothing to use it on.

They sell on eBay for about $15.00 for the color ones and $10.00 for the black. I have three sealed color ones, two open black ones and one open color ones. I won't charge anything for the open ones as I don't know how much is left in them, but I will ship them all to you for only $36.00. That's $12.00 apeice for each of the color ones, and all of the opened ones for free.

If you'd like to trade for them, show me what you've got. I'll take nearly anything I can put in the GOAT Store I really just want to get rid of them