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    Default For Opcode...

    In an earlier post you mentioned the ColecoVision having better resolution (at least in some ways) to the Atari 7800, which is one reason your version of Pac-Man looks so good so far.

    What are the comparitive stats between them? I always assumed that the ColecoVision had better sound (as did most systems), roughly equal ROM for the cartridges (32K), but inferior visuals (e.g. 16 colors as opposed to 256, and 1-color sprites).

    As a point of reference, I fully understand what 200X320 with 16 colors is (the Commodore 64).

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    Sorry I didn't reply you before. I am hard in the work...

    The CV resolution is 256x192, no matter. The 7800 is able to 320x200 but very few games ever use this screen mode. Almost every 7800 game was created using 160x200, which is an ugly resolution if you want arcade like graphics.
    You are right, the 7800 allows for multi-colored "sprites", but the whole screen setup looks like a mess to me, as you need to maintain a lot of ordered display lists....
    The CV sound is indeed better, as the 7800 uses the same sound hardware as the 2600. I think Atari was going to include the Pokey chip on every game which would need better sound...

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