pilot wings

starwars shodows of the empire

- take both n64 games for 15usd shipped via priority mail.

Luigis mansion - japanese, outer sleve is in ok condition/iner plastic case has a crack, but holds in place, disc is in good condition and instructions in kinda bad condition.

Dbz 08 - sfc, is the first fighting game for sfc, box is in overall good condition, but it has a line going down the from "like it was crushed, but you cant see it unless you stare at it..." card is in excellent condition, instructions in good condition.

- take em both for 10usd shipped via priority mail.


FLCL all 6 eps on dvd with english subs - mint 5 bucks.

DBZ box 10 - 10bucks mint. "is the chinese bootleg from the original japanese dbz dvds.

shipping for the dvds is 4.50 priority mail, or take em both for 17shipped.

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