This is a poll asking what is the rarest NES game of all. The choices are restricted to NTSC games and exclude all Sachen, Panesian, and pirates. Also, the questions asks "What is the *RAREST*" not "What is the most valuable". There is a difference. For example, Final Fantasy is common as hell, but it goes for a good amount of money, whereas a game like Wayne's World is a total bitch to locate but it usually goes for under 5 dollars.

The choices are INDEED rare and hard-to-find games. Try searching eBay and you'll most likely find '0' results.

I didn't add games such as Action 52, Bubble Bobble 2, and the Panesians because I see them on eBay all the time.

As for Caltron/Myriad's 6-In-1 and Stadium Events, I didn't include them for 2 reasons. First, because it would make the poll boring since everyone would pick them. But honestly, these games appear on eBay more often than most of the games on the list in my poll. Try to find a Wayne's World auction on eBay, past or present. And another thing to point out: there are more copies of Caltron and Myriad out there than you'd think.. most of them are in mass storage by collector's who won't let them go. I would have to say that is not true for a game like Bonk's Adventure, which is simply a bitch to find.