Just a heads up, I've been working for hours adjusting my prices. What's going to happen is some prices going up, some going down in my ebay store and listings. The way I list and relist, you'll have a 2 week time period to compare the price change. I would suggest if you see a Saturn battery for $4 with shipping, and a saturn battery for $6 with shipping, you grab the $4 while you can (In this case, I'm actually cutting my saturn battery prices DOWN about $1.00 total price)

The thing is, a lot of prices in my EBAY listings (NOT MY WEBSITE yet) will be going up. I'm simply selling WAY too much stuff, and I'm starting to put in more hours than I'd like to shipping things out. The solution? Increase prices, send out less items, make the same or a little less money.

As I said, my website prices currently will be staying the SAME, and if you check my recent posts, you can get 10% off even THOSE lower prices. (no ebay fee's, lower pricing)

I'm gonna be spamming my own thread a bit as I work out some kinks, it helps me think

The Ebay store items located here:
Which are "buy it now" ONLY are almost ALL getting a HUGE price break. For Example, if you buy a bit and battery set from my ebay store, it's $8.25 including shipping. Via an auction for the EXACT same item, minimum bid price is $9.99 including shipping.

While the auctions themselves are mostly going up in price a tiny bit. Still no change in my online website yet, althgouh I'll be at least pricematching (if not beating my ebay store prices) on my website soon.