I'm trying to remodel my room and anything that I can't find room for MUST GO! Here is the list for sale or trade!!!:


Wrestlemania(Original black Clamshell)
Wrestlemania 2(Original black Clamshell)
Wrestlemania III(Legacy version)
Wrestlemania VI(Big Box version, box cut to fit clamshell)
WWF Grudge Matches(Original Black clamshell)
Wrestling's Most Embarrassing moments(Original Hard Clamshell)
The Hulkster Hulk Hogan(in new tape shell and original box)
Wrestlefest '92(box cut to fit plastic case)
Hulkamania 6(Box cut to fit plastic case)
Postman always rings twice
Blue Sky
No Holds Barred(Hulk Hogan)
Indiana Jones Box Set
Pretty in Pink
The Breakfast Club
Postcards from the Edge
plus more.

Video Games:

Sega Genesis 2 system
Sega CD 2 system
Sega 32X system
Corpse Killer 32X
Doom 32X
Virtua Fighter 32X
WWF Rage in the Cage
Sonic CD
Slam City w/ Scotty Pippen(Sega CD blue box version)
Sewer Shark(Pack in-Version)
Prize Fighter

PM me for prices. I'd really like to sell this stuff as a lot.