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Thread: FS: Atari Stuff! 08/19

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    Default FS: Atari Stuff! 08/19

    Well, looks like I've got a bit more stuff to get rid of due to some recent acquisitions. Not a whole lot special this time round but some decent items.

    As per usual, the jargon:

    [1] All prices are in US funds.
    [2] I'm in Canada. Shipping abroad may take a little longer than you are accustomed to. Please be patient.
    [3] I would prefer to ship only within the US and Canada, but will consider shipping outside North America -- be warned that shipping costs may be high on larger orders. PM me with your location and desired item(s) if you would like a shipping quote.
    [4] Payment by PayPal only, please, except Canadians, who can also pay by Interac E-Mail Money Transfer if they prefer. Trades may also be considered.
    [5] Everything is in the condition shown in the pictures which, despite my best efforts probably don't show perfect detail -- I tried to keep image size down (they are reduced from their original size) to keep file size and load times reasonable. Even so, some images are over 500k and 1600 pixels wide. I've provided thumbnails you can click on to view the full images, however. I'm not bothering to add descriptive comments (except in cases of missing or severely damaged labels or notable label variations) to each entry simply because I'm trying to avoid contracting carpal tunnel syndrome any earlier than absolutely necessary. If you want specific shots of something please PM me.
    [6] Numbers in curly braces indicate the quantity available; if there is no number in curly braces, there's only one.
    [7] First come, first served, in order to be fair. This will be cross-posted on two other forums.
    [8] If I don't answer your PMs right away it's because I've been flooded with a mess of them and I need to sort out who sent what when and what they wanted. I will get back to you with a list of what is available from your list of requests.

    Yay for covering my ass!

    You'll also find s'more freebies this time around, too. I'm sure there's at least one person left that doesn't have Astroblast...

    So, yeah... on with the show.

    ATARI 2600

    Ice Hockey - [ $1.00 ] [ SOLD! ]
    Starmaster - [ $1.00 ] [ SOLD! ]
    Keystone Kapers - [ $2.00
    Plaque Attack - [ $4.00
    Dolphin - [ $1.00
    Seaquest - [ $1.00
    Laser Blast - [ $1.00

    Infiltrate - [ $2.00

    E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial - [ $0.50 ]
    Swordquest: Earthworld - [ $0.50 ] (puncture in center of label)
    Super Football - [ $1.00 ] (puncture in center of label)
    space invaders - [ $1.00
    Pacman - [ $0.50
    Berzerk - [ $0.50
    Missile Command- [ $0.50
    Mario Bro - [ $5.00

    Pooyan (w/ manual) - [ $10.00 ] [ SOLD! ]

    Arcade Pinball (text label) - [ $3.00 ]
    Asteroids (text #66 label) - [ $1.00 ]
    Baseball (text label) - [ $2.00 ]
    Black Jack (picture label) - [ $5.00 ]
    Bowling (text label) {2} - [ $2.00 ]
    Breakaway IV (text label) - [ $1.00 ]
    Canyon Bomber (text label) - [ $2.00 ]
    Football (text label) - [ $2.00 ]
    Gunslinger (red text p/n 6-99822) - [ $1.00 ][ SOLD! ]
    Missile Command (text label) - [ $1.00 ]
    Night Driver (text label) {2} - [ $2.00 ]
    Pac Man (picture label) - [ $1.00 ]
    Poker Plus (text label)- [ $3.00 ]
    Soccer (text label)- [ $3.00 ]
    Space Invaders (text label) - [ $1.00 ]
    Speedway II (yellow sans serif numeral label p/n 49-75103) - [ $3.00 ]
    Speedway II (red roman numeral label p/n 99604) - [ $3.00 ]
    Target Fun (yellow text p/n 49-75102) - [ $1.00 ]
    Target Fun (red text p/n 6-99802) - [ $1.00 ]
    Tank-Plus (picture label) - [ $1.00 ][ SOLD! ]
    Warlords (text label w/ copyright on end) - [ $2.00 ]

    Nexar- [ $4.00

    Demolition Herby (some edge wear) - [ $25.00 ] [ SOLD! ]

    An Atari Lynx I bundle - [ $25.00 ][ SOLD! ]

    Comes with:
    - Two Atari Lynx I units. Both of them work, but have issues. One works fine on batteries, but the AC jack is flaky, the cartridge door is broken (won't clasp shut) and there's a small crack on the outer plastic screen. The second also works fine on batteries, and also has a flaky AC jack, though this one I attempted to refurbish by resoldering the jack; unfortunately the problem seems to be inside the jack itself, not its connection to the PCB. Also, for whatever reason, something is shorting that is preventing it from recognizing when cartridges are inserted. If you remove the rear shell it works perfectly 100% of the time, so the shell is putting pressure on something that's shorting the unit out. I have neither the time or inclination to look much further for fixes, so both of these units are being sold as-is. They work, but they're a bit of a pain in certain circumstances. They both have nice shells though -- very minor grip wear, and the outer screen on the second unit is scuffed.
    - One original Lynx II box (I know, but that's how I got it) with inserts and user manual.
    - One Lynx AC adapter
    - One sun visor for Lynx I
    - One Lynx I travel pouch (fits both Lynx I and II)
    - One large carrying case with 12 card pockets in the lid (protected with velcro flaps) and reconfigurable velcro compartment separators. Comes with shoulder strap.
    - One Lynx battery pack -- uses 6 "C" cell batteries to give you major cordless play time (about 30 hours by my reckoning). Missing shoulder strap.
    - Two games: California Games and Checkered Flag (both loose)


    Yeah, I know this is what you came for. These are all for 2600, and I don't want them. Take them for the cost of shipping.

    - M-Network: Space Attack (tear in label)
    - M-Network: Astroblast {2}
    - Coleco: Donkey Kong (end label torn off)
    - Activision: Tennis (end label and part of main label torn off)
    - Activision: Grand Prix {1}: has the top of the label torn off.
    - Activision: Sky Jinks (tear on end label; general wear and Actiplaque)
    - Parker Bros: Q*Bert. No label whatsoever.
    - Atari: E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial. Label wear 'n stuff.

    Pics located in this AA thread
    My site :
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    PM Sent

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    My site :
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    "I don't do anything half-assed. When I do something, I put my whole ass in it."

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