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Thread: 32X not in full Color

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    Default 32X not in full Color

    I have a 32X,For some things like The Konami logo and that FMV intro in Sonic 3D Bast is in B&W ( In a Genesis Game I have no 32X Games ) but Stuff like Sonic 1 it's in Color,What Wrong?

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    Well it could be 2 things i can think of 1 the cartrage has dirty connectors or the genesis to 32x connector has some bent or broken pins. What model Genesis do you have because ive herd theres some color issues if you use the 32x with the cdx or the genesis 3 (yes ive tested it with genny 3 it works sometimes). Right now thats all i can think of because i never get black and white when i play Sonic 3D Blast on my 32x. Hope this helps,if i find anything the issue ill let you know.
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