I picked up at a garage sale an atari 2600 and a sega master system. Both are pretty dirty. The outsides are going to need a good cleaning, but I need some advice on the inside. I was planning on opening both up and blowing them out. Some other people at another forum have been saying to use some kind of alcohol and q-tips on the contacts after that. I was wanting to be sure about that alcohol part.

My other question is a about repairing an xbox. My brother and I both want one, but neither us feels like spending a lot of money at the moment. I was looking at a few broken ones on ebay and noticed that some mention how they are getting a disc read error. If that is the case, would all I have to do is clean the lense or replace the drive? If a replacement drive turns out to be to expensive, I found this mod for an LG drive. http://www.paccforce.de/tutorials/Tu..._GDR-8163B.pdf