Yet another sale. Prices do not include shipping, please buy more then one item so i don't have to make a million trips to the PO. Paypal is highly prefered, but also will take a MO.

PS1 factory sealed games
capcom vs. snk pro - $10
spec ops stealth patrol - $5
cardinal syn - $8
digimon 3 digimon world - $10
army men sarges heroes - $4

PS2 factory sealed games
Dark AAngle vampire apocalypse - $6
State of Emergency - $7
dot Hack//Outbreak - $15

Opened but in nice condition complete ps2 games
Medal of Honor Frontline - $5
Onimusha - $5

opened but in nice condition complete ps1 games
fighter maker - $5
Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase (GH) - $5

GC complete (no players choice versions)
Resident Evil - $6
Super Mario Sunshine - $10
Dave Mira - $4

Castlevania Circle of the Moon complete - $8
Robotech cart only - $5
Fire Pro Wrestling cart only - $5
Dr. Mario (B&W gameboy version) cart only- $5

Mario RPG cartridge only with original players guide (cart shows some wear along the top portion of the label, PG and all else is in great condition) - $40
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest cart only- $12

more to come.... maybe