Hasn't been much interest as I'd assumed. Sometimes it's not a good thing to live in the middle of nowhere I think it's the same weekend as the baby shower as well, so most likely not gonna happen. Hope NECG picks up again soon

This is TENTATIVE depending on interest. Please poll or reply with a definite, maybe, or no. The date isn't set in stone either. I'm thinking around Saturday october 1st from dawn to whenever the last person passes out. That way noone has to work in the morning. Come as early as you want, stay as late as you want. Estimated driving time from boston - 1:20 all highway.

Assume 20-30 people will be coming of you're scared by small gatherings Although only 10-15 "spots" will be available for sleeping over, and if there are actually 15 of you, you may be sardined into the downstairs room.

There will be beer, food, games, and trading. Yes, I will buy/provide free 30-packs, chips, burgers, soda etc.. (Of course, bringing something would help as well) PLENTY of room is available for parking/trading/whatever.

In addition. Sleeping arrangements can easily be made since it's a reasonably long drive for people. No, you won't have a bed and breakfast in the morning. But you will have floor space to crash and a parking spot, coffee in the morning is doable.

Gaming will go on through the night as long as people want, although it will get quieter as it gets late for those who just want to go to sleep. I have a MAME cab, and 3 TV's available for gaming along with 1 computer with N64 emulation.

I'm about 20 minutes from funspot, so a sunday trip to funspot isn't out of the question if people want to go.

This won't happen if there isn't enough interest, so please reply even if it's a maybe. My address is HERE 4 jeannette st franklin nh 03235
Yes, I full realize the main reason this won't happen is due to my location. Kids are more than welcome to come as well. I have 2 6 year old boys who will keep them busy. Please feel free to ask any questions/comments/suggestions!