With the current EB trade-in thing going on, I'm doing my usual, "Oh crap! A great deal! Lets play and trade in all the games that I picked up super cheap and get credit for new ones!" that I do every time a deal like this crops up. So all the games that I got for about $5.00 become about $5.00 in credit, and I only keep the ones I really like.

Well yesterday I was sitting around, and I decided to check out a game that I had purchased a long time ago called Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It's a strategy game that has you in charge of making your own version of Jurassic Park.

Seven hours later, I was still playing it. This game is surprisingly good, and works pretty damn near perfectly with a controller. I'm surprised that this hasn't come up before. Is anyone else playing it and enjoying it? I put it aside to continue on my quest of playing various games (I got through about 20 last night... with about 30 more to go. Yeesh I have too much stuff!) but I know I'll return to it, and I want to return soon. Anyone else?