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Thread: Sega Master system games in GREAT SHAPE!

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    Default Sega Master system games in GREAT SHAPE!

    Here's what I got. Unless otherwise note, these have the box (case) and instruction. Pictures available.

    Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
    Alex Kidd in Miracle World (no instructions)
    Great Golf
    Great Football
    Pro Wrestling
    Fantasy Zone II
    QuartetZaxxon 3D
    Missle 3D
    Maze Hunter 3D
    World Grand Prix
    Astro Warrior / Pit Pot (combo)
    The Ninja
    Sports Pad Football

    There is also an F16 Fighter Sega Card game mixed in there, with case and instructions. Let me know if you are intersted. I can make you a good deal on the whole lot.

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    Hey Joe, whaddaya know. Welcome to the forums! While welcoming you here with a warm heart and open arms, I'm also locking your thread, and directing you to please read the rules of the Buying & Selling forum. No hard feelings, but 'tough love' is the way it's got to be in this case, I'm afraid.

    Feel free to append the contents of this thread to the one you've already got going in the form of editing your original post(the tried-and-true method), or adding it as a 24-hour bump. Thanks, and seriously, welcome to Digitalpress!

    In courtesy to others, if you have multiple items you want to sell or are looking for please post them in one thread. The more unnecessary threads you create shuffle other membersí posts off the front page. Also, to conserve space, mods may combine topics at their discretion.

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