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Thread: Vic-20 Games + 2 GBA games For Sale/Trade

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    Default Vic-20 Games + 2 GBA games For Sale/Trade

    Vic-20 Game Trade/For Sale List

    Prefer to trade for other Vic-20 games, Compute Magazines 82-84 or GBA/GBC/GB RPG Games (Boxed w/instructions) but cash prices in Canadian dollars are here if you don’t have anything to trade….

    All carts have been tested on my machine and work

    Commodore- Adventure Land
    Commodore- Speed Math/Bingo Math
    Commodore- Sargon II Chess
    Commodore- Radar Ratrace
    Commodore- Mission Impossible
    Commodore- Raid on Fort Knox with stickers $3
    Commodore- Avenger
    Commodore- Omega Race
    Commodore- 3K Ram Pack
    Above are $5 unless noted

    Creative- Serpentine $15
    Creative- In the chips $9
    Creative- Choplifter $8
    Sirius- Deadly Duck $18
    Sierra- Jawbreaker II $12
    UMI- Satellites & Meteorites $18

    Import from UK Cassette Games (All cased with inlays):
    Some cases have scratches and cracks in them due to age but I have tested everyone to ensure that they work (on my deck anyways).

    Rabbit- Race Fun $7
    Rabbit- Anti Matter Splatter $7
    Romix- Space Fortress $8
    Masteronic- Duck Shoot $5
    Masteronic- 3D Maze $5
    Masteronic- Space Scramble $5
    Masteronic- Vegas Jackpot $5
    Masteronic- Sub Hunt $5
    Masteronic- Neutron Zapper $5
    Commodore- Free Vic 20 programs (Race/Hoppit/Type-a-Tune/Blitz) $3
    Imagine- Bewitched $5
    Terminal Software-Terminal Invaders $7
    Creative- Tank Commander 8K $7
    Firebird- Mikey the Brickey $8
    Anirog- The Dungeons 16K $8
    Imagine- Bewitched $5
    Kavan- Bonzo $8
    Commodore- Space Snake $6
    Romik- Space Fortress $8

    Misc Stuff:

    Compute’s 1st Book of Vic $10.00
    Vic-20 Programmer’s Reference Guide 290 pgs $15.00
    Vic-20 Owner’s Manual $5.00
    Commodore 64 User’s Handbook (no cover) $7.00 300 pgs.
    3 Boxes of 10 Double-sided 5 ¼” High Density Floppies 3/$10.00
    Commodore Joystick $8
    C2N Deck Manual $3
    1600 Commodore Modem alone $8
    1660 Commodore Modem Alone $8

    GBA Konami Collector's Series-Arcade Advanced (Frogger, Yie Ar Kung-fu, Time Pilot, Gyruss, Rushin Attack and Scramble).
    Mint Collector's Condition (Box/instructions/cart) $15

    Gameboy Color- Perfect Dark (includes Rumble Pack Feature).
    Box has a crease and instructions cover is wrinkled but complete with cartridge $12

    Prices are in Canadian Dollars and will give discount for multiple items.

    Shipping from Ontario, Canada L4N 0A1 to be paid by buyer.

    Paypal preferred.

    Centallica at yahoo dot com Or PM me


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    Bump....any interest??? zzz....

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    bump again and updated

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