Alright so I'm moving to a new apartment this Saturday and realized I still had all this junk while packing up my collection. I could use the extra money so here it all goes. I accept paypal and cash. Please keep your orders to a $5.00 minimum before shipping. I do accept bulk offers, just want to get this stuff off my hands cause I'll feel bad trashing it.

--- EDIT: Games in Red are Pending Sales ---

Illusion of Gaia (snes) $10.00 w/box
Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun (gen) $5.00
Lion King (gen) $1.00

Battletoads (nes) $1.00
Captain Commando (nes) $1.00
Caveman Games (nes) $1.00
Darkman (nes) $1.00
Defender II (nes) $1.00
Donkey Kong Classics (nes) $1.00
Dr Mario (nes) $1.00
Ghostbusters II (nes) $1.00
Krusty's Fun House (nes) $1.00
Legacy of the Wizard (nes) $1.00
Little League Baseball Championship Series (nes) $1.00
Mach Rider (nes) $1.00
Mario/Duck Hunt (nes) $1.00
Pac-Man (nes) $1.00
Robocop (nes) $1.00
Sesame Street 123 (nes) $0.50
Super Mario Bros. 2 (nes) $1.00

Felix the Cat (gboy) $1.00
Kirby's Dream Land (gboy) $1.00
Prince of Persia (gboy) $1.00
Ren & Stimpy Space Cadet Adventures (gboy) $1.00
Rolan's Curse (gboy) $1.00
Rolan's Curse 2 (gboy) $1.00
Super Mario Land 2 (gboy) $1.00
Tiny Toon Adventures: Bab's Big Break (gboy) $1.00

Kirby's Dreamcourse (snes) $1.00
Magic Sword (snes) $1.00
Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle (snes) $1.00
Skyblazer (snes) $1.00

Land of Illusion (gear) $1.00
Sonic Triple Trouble (gear) $1.00
Deep Duck Troublw (gear) $1.00

Burning Force (gen) $1.00
Crue Ball (gen)(2) $1.00
Fatal Labyrinth (gen) $1.00
Forgotten Worlds (gen) $1.00
Starflight (gen)(3) $1.00
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings $1.00
Jennifer Capriati Tennis (gen) $1.00
Jewel Master (gen) $1.00
King's Bounty (gen)(3) $1.00
Mutant League Hocky (gen) $1.00
Pocahontas (gen) $1.00
Power Monger (gen) $1.00
Shadow Blasters (gen) $1.00
Shadowrun (gen) $1.00
Shove it! (gen) $1.00
Sword of Vermillion (gen) $1.00
Thunder Force II (gen) $1.00
WWF Royal Rumble (gen) $0.50
Zany Golf (gen) $0.50
X-Men 2 (gen) $0.50

Doom (32x) $0.50
Moto Cross Championship (32x) $1.00

Resident Evil: Code Veronica (dream) $0.50 (includes back insert)
Soul Calibur (dream) $.0.50 (includes back insert)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (dream) $0.50

Daytona USA (saturn) $1.00)
Iron Storm (saturn) $5.00 (includes back insert)
Nights into Dreams (saturn) $1.00)
Off-World Interceptor Extreme (saturn) $1.00 (includes back insert)
Virtua Cop (saturn) $1.00)

Air Diver (gen) $0.50
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings (gen) $0.50
Power Monger (gen) $1.00
Starflight (gen)(2) $1.00
Warsong (gen) $5.00

Time Stalkers (dream) $0.50

Starflight (2) $1.00

Manuals Stapled in the upper right corner:
Flintstones (genesis) $0.50
Super High Impact (gen) $0.50
Mystic Defender (gen) $0.50
Risk (gen) $0.50
Dynamite Headdy (gen) $0.50
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego (gen) $0.50