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Thread: Veln's Massive trade/sale Lots of stuff listed large post

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    Default Veln's Massive trade/sale Lots of stuff listed large post

    Hello everyone and welcome to my massive sale. I need to clear some space and i have been meaning to do a large sale for a while now so here it is

    Conditions vary most stuff is in great condition but a few things aren't if you care about condition (and most of you do) THEN ASK BEFORE BUYING, I originally planned to have conditions listed with the item but it took me entirely to long to get this all typed up.

    NONE OF THE PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING i listed all my prices without shipping costs in mind so shipping is extra. I am willing to ship any USPS form of shipping and everything will have delivery confirmation.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY I am definatly willing to trade but only for things on my wanted list which the link to is as follows:

    Lastly, due to the large size of this post i have included a table of contents as a refernce, that and i thought it would be fun.

    Oh and don't be afraid to send me an offer

    Table of Contents
    Nintendo Products
    Game Boy
    Game Boy Advance
    Sony Products
    Sega Products
    Sega Cd
    Other Companies Products
    Atari 2600
    Turbo Grafx
    Turbo Duo
    Anime DVDs
    Misellanious Game Items
    Strategy Guides
    $3 section
    $4 section
    $5 Section
    Priced Individually Section


    Yoshi complete - $8
    Yoshi's Cookie complete - $10

    Wall Street Kid Cart only $3.50
    The Simpson Bart Vs the World cart only $5
    Metroid cart only $5
    RC Pro Am cart only $4
    World Class Track Meet cart only $3.50
    Treasure Master Cart only $3.50
    Puzzle Cart only $6
    Captain Comic cart Only $4
    Metal Mech cart only $3.50
    1942 carty only $6
    Rush N Attack cart only $3.50
    Super Mario Bros./Duck hunt cart only $2

    All nes games for $50

    NHL Stanley Cup cart only $2
    The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past cart only $9

    Game Boy
    Radar Mission cart only $4
    Nobunaga's Ambition /w manual $8
    Yu Gi Oh Dark Duel Stories complete (no cards) $10

    Game Boy Advance
    Spyro Season of Ice /w manual $12
    Super Bust a move complete $20

    both for $29

    Nintendo DS
    Feel the magic XY XX complete $12 --sold
    Zoo Keeper Cart only $8 --sold

    both for $18

    Harvest Moon 64 cart only $28
    NFL Quarterback Club 99' cart only $2

    Scart Cable /w box $3

    Darkstone complete $3
    Eternal Eyes complete $4
    Dance Dance Revolution Konamix complete non GH $12
    Bubble Bobble also featuring rainbow islands complete $35
    Fear Effect new/sealed $20
    Quake 2 new/sealed $13
    Arc the Lad Complete /w all extras $46

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (first edition) Disc only $28
    Escape From Monkey Island complete $10
    Tsugunai: Atonement complete $20
    Midway Arcade Treasures 2 complete $10 --sold

    Frantix new/sealed $30
    Gripshift complete $28

    both for $52

    Genesis (all cart only)
    Mortal Kombat II $3.50
    Last Battle $2.50
    The Page master $3
    Jammit $2.50
    Global Gladiators $3
    RBI Baseball 3 $3

    $10 for all 6 of these

    GameGear (all cart only)

    Rechargeable Battery unit /w power cord

    Poker Face Paul's Poker $3
    Poker Face Paul's Solitaire $3
    NBA Jam $3
    Jurassic Park $3
    G-Loc Air Battle $3
    Super Monaco GP $3
    Home Alone $4
    Sonic Triple Trouble $3.50
    Sonic 2 $2.50
    Pinball Dreams - offer
    Derest Speedtrap $5
    Columns $3.50
    sonic Labrinth Complete - offer

    Virtua Racing complete $7

    Sega CD
    Vay Disc only $15
    Dark Wizard /w case and front cover to manual $20
    Sewer Sharks /w manual $3.50
    ESPN Baseball tonight /w insert and manual $3.50
    Fifa Internation Soccer /w insert and manual $3
    Battlecorps complete $10
    Formula one Beyond the Limit complete $4
    NHL 94' /w insert and manual $3

    Nights into dreams... disc only $6
    Nights into dreams sampler /w case $3
    Sonic 3d blast disc only $4
    Ghen War disc only $3
    Sonic R disc only $4
    Panzer Dragoon Story import complete $6
    Virtua Fighter 2 (not for resale version /w slip case) $4

    all saturn games for $22

    Plasma Sword new/sealed $10
    Carrier new/sealed $7
    chu chu rocket complete $6

    all three for $20

    Thrustmaster Joystick (the nice one ) $45

    Dungeon Seige 2 New/Sealed $33

    Giants: Citazens of Kabuto OEM $4
    Sim Earth $2
    IceWind Dale $6
    Horizons: Empires of Istaria Complet unused code $6
    Temple of Elemental Evil Complete $6
    Pool of Radiance Forgotten Worlds Vol. 1 (mac) complete even with all inserts, catalog, and translation wheel - offer
    Inca (old Sierra dos game) complete $6
    Sim Coaster $2
    Gabriel Knight $15
    Gabriel Knight 3 $10
    Prince of Persia 3d $6
    The Horde /w case $5
    Chessmaster 4000 OEM $2

    Pac Man cart only - offer --sold
    Early Learning Fun cart only - offer

    Atari 2600
    Jungle hunt cart only $1

    NGPC (all cart only)
    Samarai Showdown 2 $6
    Fatal Fury first contact $6
    Neo turf masters $5

    Turbo Grafx

    TG16 system /w hookups and 1 controller and keith courage $30
    Tubro Booster PLUS $42
    PC Engine Converter (see pic) $35 --sold

    Devil's Crush hu card only $10
    T.V. Sports Football hu card only $2
    Splatterhouse hu card only $12
    Night Creatures complete $23
    Victory Run complete $6

    Street Fighter II championship edition import hu card only $21
    PC engine Memory card import $8
    Lode Runner complete import $6 --sold

    Turbo Duo
    Loom complete $30
    ShapeShifter complete $10 --sold
    Prince of Persia complete $14
    Splash Lake complete $9
    Bomberman Complete $12

    Bomberman 94' complete import $10

    Anime DVDs(all US releases all complete)
    Hello Kitty & Friends Summer of fun sealed/new $37
    Wild Arms Vol. 1 $6 --sold
    Spriggan $7 --sold
    Adventures of Minigoddess boxset (4 dvds) $22 --sold
    Sister Princess vol. 1 /w series box $10 --sold
    Kiddy Grade vol. 1 /w series box collector's cards and hat $12 --sold

    DVDs (all US release and complete)
    Devils Advocate (special Edition) $5
    Astronaut's Wife $4
    Legally Blond (special Edition) $6
    The Million Doller Hotel $4
    Hannibal (special edition, ex blockbuster dvd) $4
    Short Ciruit $4
    Girl, Interupted $6
    Wolves Imax $5
    Mystery Men $4
    Lilo & Stitch $8
    Tuck Everlasting $6
    The Abyss (special Edition) $8

    all dvds above for $50

    Demos (all have their cases)
    Playstation Underground CD Magazine V3 I3 (2 discs) $3
    OXM #50 $6
    OXM #49 $6
    OXM #41 $5
    OXM #31 $4
    OXM #37 $5
    OXM #34 $4
    Unreal Championship 2 demo $3
    Conker Live and REloaded demo $3
    Punisher PS2 demo $2
    Ratchet and clank Demo $2
    Front Mission 4 demo $2.50
    Syphon Filter Omega Strain Demo $2 --sold
    Hot Shots Golf fore demo $2.50

    all OXM demos for $22 or all the above demos for $36

    Misslanious Game Items
    Makai Kingdom Artbook $5
    Tekken 5 art book $5
    Digital Devil Saga 2 Soundtrack Sealed $13
    Digital Devil Saga controller sticker $5
    Metroid Prime echoes bonus disc (disc only) $3
    Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks action Figures sealed $15
    Dungeon Seige 2 comic book $5
    Harvest Moon Dog /w tag attached $6

    Strategy Guides

    $3 doller section
    Counter Strike Condition Zero
    Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings
    Unreal Championship 2
    Advent Rising
    Killer 7
    Railroad Tycoon 3
    Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reach
    Need for Speed Underground
    Secret weapons over Normandy
    Ace Combat 5
    Conflict Desert Storm II
    samarai Warriors
    Shaman King Power of Spirit
    Hitman Contracts
    Tenchu: Fatal Shadows
    Socom 2
    Viewtiful Joe 2
    Men of Valor
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus
    Counter Strike
    Syphon Filter Omega Strain
    Hot Shots Golf Fore
    Street Racing Syndicate
    Tenchu: Return From Darkness
    Mission Impossible: Operation Surma
    Burnout 3: Takedown --sold
    Viewtiful joe
    Star Wars Rogue Squadran Rebel Strike
    Cold Fear
    Enthusia Professional Racing
    Brother's in Arms Road to Hill 30

    $4 doller section
    Coded Arms
    Mega Man Zero 3
    King of Fighters: Maximum Impact
    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorow
    Dead or Alive Ultimate
    Call of Duty Finest Hour
    Age of Mythology: Titans Expansion
    Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis

    $5 doller section
    Lords of the Realm 3
    Shining Tears
    Dead to Rights II
    Mega Man X Command Mission
    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
    Batman Begins
    Lord of the Rings Third Age --sold
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
    Front Mission 4 --sold
    Silent hill 4
    Advance Wars 2
    Yu Gi Oh Capsule Monster Colliseum
    Shadow of Rome
    Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario 3

    Priced individually section
    Everquest 4 guide set (EQ1, Shadows of Luclin, Ruins of Kanark and EQ spellbook /w box) $8
    Everquest Shiny Atlast /w box and cd $8
    Phantom Brave $6
    Act of War $6
    Myst Uru Complete Chronicles $6
    Arc the Lad End of Darkness $6
    Legend of Zelda Wind Waker $6
    Drakengard $8
    Golden Sun & Golden Sun: Lost Age $8
    Baten Kaitos $8
    Neverwinter Nights Hordes of The underdark $6
    Bushido Blade $6
    Sudeki $8
    Prince of Persia $6


    View collection, stuff for trade and some feedback here
    Also here is my ebay feedback
    lastly here is my feedback page here

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    PM sent!
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    Default PM Sent

    PM sent

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    pictures are up
    View collection, stuff for trade and some feedback here
    Also here is my ebay feedback
    lastly here is my feedback page here

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