We can all save this trouble if he would kindly sell it to me.

The person who owns this DOES NOT plan on selling it from his email to me.

Now, a few things to get across before anyone jumps to conclusions. I WILL get this game dumped for everyone to play if he decides to sell it to me ever. I would like the game, and I know everyone else would love to see this game away from the bit rot sty.

Other things of note. The people who are comparing "dumped" games values in comparison to an NWC and even "Stadium Events"???? COME ON.

Get real. It's supply and demand here. California Raisins umdumped would have fetched $3K, and dumped it fetched around $500. The prominent collectors (including those involved with community dumps) are not stupid, and will NOT pay anywhere near the same amount of a game they can copy from the web and download onto a cart. If you come up with the argument that collectors will ALWAYS want the real thing, take myself, Nintendo God, and Buyatari for example. I just want the game on a cart to play. I'll pay a fair amount for the cart, but I am not overpaying at ALL for anything dumped, copy or not. Prototypes are all copies of copies anyway. With that said, if you have never owneed an unreleased prototype, or see the value go up and DOWN like i have had with experience for the past few years, please stay out of this, k thx.

Please Paul, go back to showing off that great find!